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Free Bet No Deposit 2018


Bonus type:Bonus description:
Deposit bonus100% up to £500
Extra bonus: 150% up to £500 on mobile
Min deposit: £20
Free Bet No deposit 2018BEXPERT11

Ladbrokes are bringing players a limited time offer for an £11 free bet no deposit 2018 exclusively through their website.

Using the code BEXPERT11 players can unlock this special offer available for a limited time only. You’ll be able to play free casino games using it, meaning lots of free spins on slots or whatever you wish.

Ladbrokes offers one of the biggest and best online casinos on the web, so playing is an easy and fun experience guaranteed.

Let’s take a closer look at this online casino run by a household name in Britain. We’ll assess and evaluate every element of it, and explore the full bonus in detail.

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How Good is the Ladbrokes Website User Experience?

One of the most important elements when it comes to determining overall player experience is the website itself.

If the website is poorly designed, full of bugs and broken links and isn’t optimized for every type of device, it’s a pretty sure thing that players will have a negative, frustrating experience.

The Ladbrokes site, however, is no such thing! This beautifully designed, bold red and white site is unmistakably Ladbrokes. It’s clear from the outset that a lot of time and research has gone into creating a second-to-none site that’s easy to navigate, instantly understandable and laid out with ease-of-use in mind.

Red and white have come to be known as Ladbrokes trademark colours in the UK, and it’s clear as day from the moment you log on that this site belongs to the UK’s best-known betting group. There’s an added advantage to using this colour scheme, however, that might not be so instantly obvious – the contrast makes it very easy to see tabs and text against the background, meaning easier site navigation.

As far as layout goes, it’s simple to find what you’re looking for on the Ladbrokes site. Main site sections like sports, casino, slots, bingo, poker, live casino and all the other are laid out above the red banner with the Ladbrokes login at the top, and information related to whatever topic you’re browsing on is laid out below against a plain, single colour background. The sidebar isn’t crowded or stuff with annoying banners either.

Using the casino section as an example, what you’ll see is the same top banner and tabs, but with all the best slots and game titles laid out in tiles making them easy to click and instantly play.

Before you can do that, though, you’re going to need a Ladbrokes player account. Make sure to use the bonus code to get your free bet no deposit 2018 when you do.

Let’s explore how to create one now.

Note: The Ladbrokes website will appear differently on mobile devices like phones and tablets. It’s a versatile site designed to adapt to appear optimized for the specific device you’re using. The above description is how it appears on a laptop computer.

How do I Sign Up for a New Account at Ladbrokes?

Nobody wants to go through hassle when signing up for an account at a new casino or any other website for that matter. It’s essential that the sign up process is as user-friendly and streamlined as possible, giving you access to your favourite games exactly when you want them.

The sign up process at Ladbrokes is pretty painless and shouldn’t take less than 5 minutes in most cases. You’ll need an e-mail address and some other personal details.

To get started, look for the Ladbrokes login and join now buttons at the top right of the front page. The login button is bright green, and the sign up button is directly under it.

When you click it you’ll be taken to a new player registration form. You’ll need to fill in various details about yourself such as your name, address, e-mail address, preferred currency and some other things. If you sign up on a mobile this form will likely appear in three parts. Just keep following it until you get to the final one, where you need to agree to Ladbrokes terms and conditions, then submit your application.


It’s very rare that Ladbrokes reject new player applications. The only cases where they may do so is if you’ve been banned before or are from a restricted country. In most cases, however, you’ll be sent a simple e-mail with a link to verify your account. Once that is done, you’re all set!

Note: Ladbrokes do perform random checks as part of their ongoing effort to prevent fraud and make gaming online safer. If you’re selected, you may be asked to prove your identity by sending a scan of your ID. If this happens, do not be alarmed, it’s part of Ladbrokes protocol.

It’s also worth taking note that on the new player account application along the right hand side lie various icons allowing you to contact Ladbrokes support team. If at any point you get stuck, have a question, or are unsure about anything at all you can send them an e-mail, call them or chat to an operator live on the site 24/7.

Remember: When you sign up you will be asked to enter a bonus code. You need to do so at this stage to prevent hassle later. Use the code BEXPERT11 to get your £11 free bet no deposit 2018.

Sign up processes don’t come much easier than that in our experience.

What Does the Ladbrokes Online Casino Offer?

Selecting an online casino to play cards, table games and slots requires a little digging to unearth the perfect site. It’s an extremely competitive niche and experienced players know that it’s the little things about an online casino that make the difference.

We’ll cover them one by one here and weigh-up how Ladbrokes performs against its competitors.

Layout & Design

Much like the rest of the site, the layout and design here is expertly done and well thought out.

A solid black background contrasts with a colourful slider giving you the latest Ladbrokes bonuses, offers and promotions. Below this, a row of tabs take you through the main casino games such as slots, table games, cards, video poker and other game selections.

Scrolling down again we are presented with scores of thumbnails offering up the best and most popular casino games. These are a mixture of table games and slots, and several of them have a live jackpot counter at the bottom of them giving you a glimpse into what you could potentially walk away with if today is your day and the reels line up. This definitely adds an element of excitement and facilitates game choice. It’s a great little touch.

If you‘re looking for an exact game title and don’t want to waste time flicking through the various sections, just use the handy search bar beside the game category icons and you’ll quickly locate whatever you are looking for.

Pay special attention to the box to the right of the sliders with the special offers. This box indicates which games have the biggest current jackpots. If you’re looking to score some serious loot, these games will be of particular interest to you.

No Deposit Free Bets & More. A Quick Guide for Casino Bonuses

We know, we know, this is the part you’ve been waiting for. Most casino players want to know what the bonuses and promotions are and while not the only important factor in selecting an online casino, the promotions are often what makes the difference and sets an excellent casino apart from the competition.

The Ladbrokes casino does offer various incentives for new casino players to sign up. Before we get into the details, here’s a quick guide to casino bonuses for new players:

There are three main types of casino bonus available at online casinos. While they vary in individual details and every casino will offer something a little different, the main three remain the same.

They are:

The Welcome/Deposit Bonus – This type of bonus allows you to make a deposit and have it matched by the casino. It is usually limited to your first deposit only, but some casinos, Ladbrokes included, offer up to three deposit matches.

For example, you might see a deposit bonus of 100% on up to £1000. This means if you deposit 1000 the casino will give you £1000 extra to play with in your player account. Always pay attention to the numbers to assess deals like this. A 100% match on £1000 is better than a 300% match on £200.

The No Deposit Bonus – No deposit free bets bonuses are exactly what the name suggests. They’re free cash from the casino and do not require you to deposit any of your own money. No deposit bonuses are always less than deposit matches, but still allow you to play for free. The current offer of a free bet no deposit 2018 offer from Ladbrokes is £11 which can be used at the casino.

Free Spins – Designed to appeal to slots players, free spins bonuses award new players a set number of spins on slots games. The casino may or may not decide which games can be played, and the spins may be awarded all at once or over a given period of time.

Note that all bonuses come with terms and conditions which will differ from casino to casino. It’s important to understand these before you sign up. All bonus offers should come with transparent terms and conditions available on the casino site. If they don’t, stay away.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s look at what specific bonuses Ladbrokes offer new and existing players.

The Welcome Bonus

No online casino could possibly compete or survive today without offering a welcome bonus. Ladbrokes do, and it’s very generous, although not the highest in the industry.

Keep in mind that the total number isn’t always as it seems, and when we assess the wagering requirements (more on that in a little bit), we’ll find that looks can be deceiving and the Ladbrokes offer is actually better than many of the offers which look better on the surface.

Ladbrokes offer new players a 100% deposit bonus up to £500. This means that if you deposit the maximum amount of £500, they’ll double it, giving you £1000 to play with. Of course, there’s nothing that says you have to deposit this much. You can deposit any amount up to £500 and still get your 100% deposit bonus as long as it meets the £20 minimum deposit criteria.

While high rollers may scoff at a £500 bonus, let’s face it, most of us aren’t high rollers with an endless bankroll and £500 in free casino cash is enough to make it worth taking advantage of.

So what about those wagering requirements? New players reading are probably wondering what they are and what they mean.

Put simply, Ladbrokes ask you to bet your deposit amount x20 plus your bonus amount before you withdraw it or any winnings you collect on the back of it. This is where Ladbrokes deal is better than many of the bigger deposit bonuses out there. It’s not uncommon to find wagering requirements of x30 or even more in the small print. It’s a lot easier to win and withdraw on the back of the Ladbrokes bonus.

Ladbrokes make things even more attractive by allowing new players a second slice of the welcome bonus pie. Second depositors are eligible for a 50% bonus on up to £500. This again comes with x20 wagering requirements.

Just in case you still aren’t convinced, Ladbrokes offer a third deposit bonus of 125% on £500. The exact same terms and conditions apply as to the previous two.

We give Ladbrokes welcome bonus package a great grade. There’s none of the marketing grandstanding that comes with bigger numbers you can find all over the web, but the terms are fair, the wagering requirements low and when you add the 3 deposit bonuses together, it’s on the large side by any casino bonus offer standards!

The Extra Download Bonus

Some players prefer to download a desktop client so they can access their favourite games straight from there. Ladbrokes do offer a casino for download and they’ll give you an extra reason to download it: a 150% download bonus.

Much like the welcome bonus the maximum amount is £500. Add that up and you could end up with £1250 to play with from a £500 deposit. The wagering requirements are exactly the same at x20 before you can withdraw the bonus money and associated winnings.

Players who like download casinos will probably go for this anyway. The extra bonus is just a little something extra and is on the generous side by industry standards.

Exclusive Mobile Bonuses

If you’ve discovered Ladbrokes on a mobile device and you decide to download the app you’ll be eligible for a range of exclusive bonuses and promotions for mobile players.

Downloading the app will get you a 150% matching bonus up to £500. You will also get access to the regular bonuses and offers from Ladbrokes for mobile players.

Mobile players are also eligible for the free bet no deposit 2018 using the bonus code BEXPERT11.

Regular Player Rewards

It’s nice to be rewarded for your loyalty and to feel appreciated as a customer. Ladbrokes offer ‘comp points’ and everything you play within the casino racks them up with the exception of games in the live casino, allowing you to turn them into further cash to play with.

Granted, comp points aren’t going to add up to much in and of themselves. A £10 bet gets you £1 comp point, and it takes 100 comp points to claim £1. That said, if you decide to use that £1 and spin a winning combo on slots then it could end up a lot more. You just never know!

It’s all the little things that end up counting and making for a great player experience. Comp points are a small touch, but they make players feel rewarded and appreciated and that makes playing at Ladbrokes a more enjoyable experience.

When you add these little points up on top of your no deposit free bets, it adds up to quite a lot!

Slots Bonuses

Slots players will find themselves eligible for lots of different rewards, promotions and bonuses at Ladbrokes, including:

A 200% deposit bonus on up to £40. You can receive up to £120 to play with on a £40 deposit. The minimum deposit is £20 and the wagering requirements are x20.

An ongoing promotion called ‘Game of the Week’ in which a popular slots title is selected allowing you to rack up double comp points while playing it.
Daily bonuses exclusive for slots players. Ladbrokes offer a different daily bonus every day of the week. Typically, a game will be selected and free spins, cash back or lowering wagering requirements will be dished out.

Other prizes. From tickets to epic sporting events to a 5000 cash draw, slots players will be eligible to enter various contests and giveaways on an ongoing basis. This makes playing a lot more interesting and adds an extra element of excitement to it. The prizes are of good quality too and are legitimately worth getting excited over.

Your no deposit free bets can also be used on slots games, which is the equivalent of free spins.

Live Casino Bonus

Playing at the live casino entitles new players to a £50 automatic bonus. To get it you just have to turnover your initial deposit x15. Live games include roulette, blackjack, casino hold’em, baccarat and hi-lo.

Bingo Bonus

Brits love Bingo, it’s no secret! As well as a great range of game themes the bingo bonus is 300% on up to £10, meaning a total of £40 to play with on your first tenner.

There are also a range of other ongoing bingo promotions including sweepstakes, cash prizes and an extra bonus on your birthday. No deposit free bets are also regularly available on the bingo section of the site.

Poker Bonus

If you love to play at the tables and edge your way to victory then the Ladbrokes poker bonus should appeal. New players can claim up to £1200 on their first deposit. That is a lot of money to bully and bluff with. This is one of the more generous poker bonuses in the industry today.

The Free Bets Bonus

Ladbrokes run various no deposit free bets throughout the year, particularly in and around large sporting events such as football cups, athletic events and other major sporting events.

These will typically allow players access to the sports betting portal with a set amount of money to play with. The terms and conditions of each free bet will vary, so be sure to read up on each one individually before you take it.

The current free bets promotion is an £11 no deposit free bet in the Ladbrokes casino. This is the same bonus we talked about at the very beginning of this guide.

Put simply, this means that by using the promo code BEXPERT11 you can get AN £11 FREE BET NO DEPOSIT 2018 directly into your Ladbrokes player account without having to make a deposit of your own. You can then use this to bet at the Ladbrokes casino for free.


What Games Can I Play at the Ladbrokes Online Casino?


Other than the bonuses on offer, the selection and quality of games is the other hugely important factor in determining the overall quality of your casino gaming experience.

There are two factors to consider when it comes to sizing up casino games.

First is the provider. Ladbrokes is a pure Playtech casino. This means that every game is going to be top-notch and you aren’t going to have any problems like delays, freezes or jumps. Playtech are an award-winning casino game provider with one of the best reputations in the industry. Some of their game titles also rank among the most popular casino games on the web. You’re in good hands here.

Second is the range. Every player wants something a little different and joins an online casino for different reasons. There has to be a little something for everyone for a casino to appeal to the full spectrum of players. Ladbrokes definitely ticks the box here and slots, table games, card games, live games, bingo, poker and other custom games like lottos and scratchcards are all available on the site.

Not that we know the quality it excellent and the range wide, let’s zoom in and take a closer look at the actual games themselves. If you’re looking for something specific feel free to skip to that section, but it may pay to read each one individually as there’s a winning tip/strategy for each one.

When you claim no deposit free bets there may be some restrictions on what games you can play using them. Always check this out in the terms and conditions.


Slots have become one of the most popular game choices for online gamers, especially on mobile devices. Maybe it’s the ease of it all, not having to think about anything while you kick back, relax and spin the reels, or maybe it’s the fact that since online casino games have become so popular slots have gotten better, more entertaining and somewhat more like video games.

Whatever the reason, slots are top of the charts in most casinos and are likely to remain there.

Ladbrokes offer a massive range of slots including some of the most popular Playtech titles ion the world. The slots library is being constantly updated with new releases as they come out, but a quick glance reveals hundreds to choose from, with some of the most played on the front page of the slots section.

You can also see the jackpots swell live on the thumbnails. As they grow, the temptation to have a spin might grow too!

Here are some of the slots on offer and a little bit about them:

Popular Slots: Slots can become popular for any number of reasons, all of them unpredictable. You’d logically think that the games with the latest and greatest features and graphics would overtake the rest and top the charts, but this isn’t always the case.

In fact, some of the most popular slots have been around for quite a while. New names do of course become popular, but the best slots stand the test of time.

Rainbow Riches, the Winnings of Oz, Deal or No Deal, Age of the Gods and plenty of others are available for instant play in the popular slots section.

Marvel Slots: Much like the comics they are based on, Marvel slots have attracted a cult following and typically are big, bold and incorporate awesome game features. Ladbrokes offer several marvel-themed slots including Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man and the Fantastic 4.

Fantasy: Fantasy themed slots can range in style and cover a broad range of categories. Themes tend to be otherworldly and transport the player to a specific world, such as Christmas in Santa Surprise, Halloween in Halloween Fortune, the wild wild West in Cowboys & Aliens, and to the Amazon Jungle in Amazon Wild. Jackpots, pay lines, game features and payouts vary.

Ladies: Ladbrokes even have a slots section dedicated to ladies only. Titles include Titanic, Queen of the Jungle, James Dean, Elektra, Witch Pickings and many more.

Jackpots: If you’re out to spin to win some serious cash rather than just for a little entertainment, Ladbrokes has a specific section showing you which jackpots are currently biggest. They tend to be titles with progressive jackpots, as you might have guessed. Beach Life, Gladiator, Jackpot Giant, Gold Rally and a few others tend to find their way onto this list often. There’s nothing to add a little excitement to a slot like a 6 (or 7) figure jackpot.

Slots Tip: There’s no real game strategy you can consistently use while playing slots. The game outcomes themselves are controlled using a random number generator and outcomes are largely random. That said, there are a few tips you can use to help you along and increase your chances of winning.

First, pick slots with more pay lines. It may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people overlook this. More pay lines equal more ways to win.

Second, pick slots offering free spins features. Most games have them these days, but there are some in which it is easier to score them than others and amounts awarded varies from game to game. Look for slots offering lots of free spins and reasonable requirements to unlock them.

Lastly, play titles with swollen, ever-growing jackpots. It may have been a while since they ‘popped’ and you never know when they may pay out.

Card Games

Ladbrokes caters to card players and competes well against other online casinos in its offering.

Here is a list of the card games on offer:

Baccarat: You can find baccarat on the card/table games section of the site. It’s a decent digital version of the game, although pretty standard. It would be nice to see a wider variety of baccarat games on offer like mini baccarat and a few different table styles, but this is enough for baccarat players to get what they came for.

Blackjack: There is a variety of blackjack types on offer in the card/table games section. Standard blackjack, 6 deck peek rule, surrender, blackjack UK, progressive and double attack blackjack are all on offer.

Whatever style you prefer, you’ll be sure to find it here. The games themselves are very decent and pretty much what you would expect.

Casino Hold ’ Em: There’s a casino Hold’Em option available as a digital version in the card/table games section. It’s pretty standard, and you might have a better time playing live.

Poker: If you love poker, the card games section offers a couple of different varieties including Pai Gow, Red Dog, Tequila, and Caribbean Stud.


Blackjack Tip: When playing blackjack, always follow the rule of 18. Put simply, if your two original cards do not equal 18, always request another hit. If you go bust, that’s OK because you were probably going to lose anyway.

On the flip side, if your cards equal 18 or above, hold and don’t take any more cards. Once you hit 18 you have a very good chance of winning and probability is one your side.

Ultimately, you can’t beat 21 and if another player has it there’s nothing you can do. Sticking to the rule of 18 or above will set you on your way to more frequent wins in blackjack.

Table Games

A good range of table games is another essential factor in an enjoyable online casino. Especially when considering older players who may have grown up before the online gambling scene really took off and who may be used to classic games down at the tables, these games also have to be as real-to-life as they possibly can be.

Ladbrokes offers the following table games:

Roulette – One of the best loved table games worldwide, there are several different versions of digital roulette in the table games section of the site. 3D roulette, Premium, Pro, American, European, French and even a Marvel themed roulette game are all on offer.

Craps – Standard, good old fashioned craps and well as Sic Bo are both dice games available in the table games section. The graphics are good and there’s no stalling and jumps in the play on either version..

Craps Tip: There are many craps tips and strategies out there worthy of consideration, but by far the easiest to learn and arguably the most effective is waiting for and riding on ‘hot dice’.

Hot dice is a game term which basically means dice on a winning streak. The idea is to wait until a pair of hot dice are ‘on’ and then bet big. As you play online craps, the same principle applies. Start by betting smaller amounts and when you feel you are on a streak and have won several in a row, make bigger bets.

There’s no predetermined limit to how long rolls can go on for. It may be as little as 3 or as high as 10. You just never know when a hot dice streak is going to make an appearance and leave a trail of money in its wake.

Live Games

Live casino games are becoming more and more popular as connections get faster, video technology advances, and players seek experiences closer to the real thing. With virtual reality right around the corner we can imagine great things are in store for the future of live casino games, but for now we haven’t quite got that far yet!

Live baccarat, blackjack, casino hold’em, hi-lo, roulette are all available at the Ladbrokes casino. The video feeds are seamless, the dealers are both friendly and professional, and it does feel somewhat like being down at the live tables.

If you haven’t yet given live games a try but are curious this would be an ideal place to start.

Live Games Myth: Many players feel that live games are more ‘honest’ than digital versions, but this is a myth. While it does reassure you that dealers dish out the cards in front of your eyes, and live games are in fact straight and honest, the myth is in the part that assumes digital versions of games are somehow fixed.

The truth is that digital casino games are controlled by extremely complex mathematical calculations and outcomes are determined by random number generators. A casino as well established as Ladbrokes would never risk its reputation or its gaming license using fixed games.

It’s natural to be somewhat skeptical of technology since we don’t inherently understand it. There are many advantages to live casino games and plenty of reasons to play them, but playing because of worry about fixes in the digital versions is not one of them.

You can be sure that the British Gambling Commission that gives Ladbrokes their license isn’t in on any tricks. Digital versions are just as safe as live games.


If you love bingo, and let’s be honest who doesn’t, you might feel as if you’ve landed in heaven when you check out the bingo section of Ladbrokes.

A 24/7, non-stop bingo party with every variety of game under the sun is going on and all players are invited to join.

Bingo is bingo, and the rules are pretty simple, but veteran players will be happy to see a wide variety of styles and themes on offer. This can make playing a little more interesting than using your bog standard plain old bingo cards.

The bingo offering at Ladbrokes is huge and there are also lots of cool little add-ons and bonuses. Again, it’s these little touches that make playing more fun. For example, you can play for free on your birthday and regular players can enter prize draws and win cash prizes.

Some of the game types we checked out were 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball versions. Games start round the clock so if you miss one don’t worry, there’s always another beginning soon.

Fun Fact: Bingo has a long history stretching back to the ancient kingdoms and dynasties of China. It wasn’t called bingo back then, of course, but as Chinese traders came along the silk road to trade with European merchants, the game spread into Europe and became popular very quickly.

The first semblance of what we now recognize as bingo today has been traced back to Italy, somewhere in the 1500s. This popular lotto game soon spread into France, where it was known as ‘Le Lotto’ and then to Britain and the USA, where it came to be known as Bingo.


The online poker scene has taken a bit of a bashing in recent times and isn’t as huge as it used to be before new rules prevented US players from getting involved.

Still, poker tournaments are available at Ladbrokes and UK and European players aren’t prevented from joining in. The rules in the US apply to US players only, and you can still enjoy live poker tournaments and games if you’re from practically anywhere else.

Ladbrokes poker section offers live tournaments all day long. You can see when the next is set to begin because there’s a live countdown clock and the buy-in price is also listed here.

There are also some unique poker challenges which allow you to rack up extra points and prizes such as the ‘Endurance Challenge’ and a game called ‘Speed Poker’. If you’re looking for something a little different than your standard game, consider entering one of these variations for some extra action.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that poker bots are frowned upon by most online casinos. If you’re detected using them you could be kicked out of the casino. That said, there’s nothing to stop you downloading and using a cheat sheet, which gives you information on poker hands and probabilities which you can instantly access.

Avoid poker bots. Not only do they take all the fun out of the game, they’re also likely to get you banned and will prevent you from actually learning the hands and becoming a more accomplished and competent poker player in the long run.

As you can see, Ladbrokes caters to just about every type of casino game player there is. The range of games on offer is extremely wide, and while there may be specific titles or game varieties you like which aren’t available, it’s almost certain you’ll find something to substitute in the Ladbrokes game library.

If you’re searching for a specific title and want to check whether or not it is offered you can use the search feature on the site or ask a member of customer service through the live chat feature.

Is It Possible to Try Ladbrokes Games for Free?

You might think the answer to this would be ‘no’, but you’d be wrong. It is in fact possible to try some of the games offered at Ladbrokes for free, but of course you won’t be able to win any real jackpots and prizes.

There are free versions of some games available, but you’ll have to sign up for a player account first. To do so, follow the steps outlined at the beginning of this article. It’s a simple process and should take around 5-10 minutes, depending on how internet savvy you are.

You can also play a variety of games for free by claiming your free bet no deposit 2018. No deposit free bets are essentially free play gratis from the casino.

How do I Contact Ladbrokes Support if I Need Help?

Getting in touch with Ladbrokes is very easy, and a 24/7 support team speaking several languages is standing by ready to assist players with a host of questions.

There are three main elements to the Ladbrokes casino customer support service:


  1. Live Chat– If you’re web savvy, type quickly, prefer to chat via chat boxes and apps than over the phone, then this will probably be your preferred service. Live chat operators are quick to respond and know what they’re talking about. When we asked one question that the operator had to double check, he asked us to hold and was back in under a minute.This is very good by online casino standards. There’s nothing worse than waiting for ages for an operator who doesn’t know what they’re talking about or who doesn’t have a good command of your language.Ladbrokes have managed to create a live chat service that competes with the best of them. Bravo!
  2. E-Mail Inquiries – If you’re not in any particular rush or want to take your time and think about how you might phrase questions and responses, or if you just don’t like the annoyance of being pinged and buzzed on a pop up box, sending an e-mail is always an option.It’s worth noting that e-mails do take a little longer to respond to than live chat questions. A casino this big is inundated with e-mail requests and it can take time to work through them all. We’d reserve this method for non-urgent queries.
  3. Telephone – If you’re a straight down the line ‘let’s get this done’ type, picking up the phone and speaking to someone on the other end is always an option. Phone calls have the advantage of being able to hear the operator’s voice and communication is generally much better than it is via live chat or e-mail. It’s faster, too, so if time is of importance, this is definitely the way to go.

We did have to wait around 3 minutes before getting someone to pick up, but hey, when you play at a casino this big that’s understandable and three minutes isn’t so long when you get to chat to someone who knows what they are doing and can resolve your issue quickly.

Ladbrokes have telephone numbers for every region they operate in. To be transported to their phone number listings immediately click here.

If you’re a reader and prefer to find the answers to your questions independently, there is a fourth way of resolving your questions. Ladbrokes have created a comprehensive frequently asked questions section which you can access right from the website. Queries are answered by matching keywords to related questions. We found this good, but it would definitely be much easier to speak to someone directly. There are limitations to all search features and this definitely will not suit if you don’t have a strong command of written English.

Overall, Ladbrokes customer service operations run like clockwork and are of a high-standard. Competent people, fast responses and having so many options to get in touch are all very positive for the customer.

Any questions you have about your no deposit free bets or any other facet of the casino will be answered promptly.


Does Ladbrokes Offer a Mobile Casino?

Yes, they do. Ladbrokes offer a mobile casino for download and they offer access to their live site through mobile devices. In fact, they’ll pay you an extra bonus to download and use their mobile casino in the form of a 150% match on your first deposit up to £500.

Apps are available for Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and Blackberry. If you go onto the site via mobile device it should automatically detect what operating system you are using and offer you the correct app.

All mobile casinos have some limitations and have to in order to keep size at a minimum and remain lite. One such limitations with the Ladbrokes mobile casino is that there are no live casino games available through the app.

It’s also worth noting that there are specific promos and bonuses regularly run by Ladbrokes which are only open and available to mobile players. You’ll get notifications about these through e-mail if you’re one of them. These can be free spins, extra bonuses and extra comp points.

The overall game selection on the mobile casino is good, although naturally there are less games than there are on the live site via login. Not to worry, because having a Ladbrokes account gives you access to both. If you can’t find something on the mobile casino, you can still log in and play through the live site.

You can use your free bet no deposit 2018 through the mobile casino as well as the live site.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Casinos?


If you’ve never played through a mobile casino before and are considering trying it, there are some pros and cons to consider.

Here are a few that our experience has let us in on:


  1. Mobile casinos are extremely convenient. Due to the fact that they’re downloaded directly to your device, you have access all the time. You can save your user name and password so that all you have to do is tap the app and you’re in the gaming environment.
  2. Extra Features and Bonuses. As mentioned previously, since online casinos know mobile devices are the future of online gaming and they’re keen to make sure they cater to changing trends and preempt them, they offer incentives like extra bonuses and games with extra features for mobile players to interest players in using their mobile apps. This all equals more for the player.
  3. Extra Security. Lot’s of people feel that the encryption on their phones provides an extra layer of security. Since even the FBI can’t crack the encryption of an iPhone, thieves who steal your device will have a pretty hard time unlocking your phone and rinsing your accounts.


  1. Some games are missing. As previously mentioned, a mobile casino that wants to remain lite can’t possibly offer every single game in full. If you have a particular game you like and it isn’t available through the mobile app this could be disappointing.
  2. Smaller screens can affect experience. Mobile devices have smaller screen than most laptops and computers. Depending on what game you’re playing, this could affect your experience. This can be limited when using tabs since screens tend to be bigger, but could be an issue with some phones.
  3. Signal can interfere with game play. If you’re hooked up via wi-fi or cable through a laptop or PC you’ll rarely have connection problems. When playing through a phone, however, if you go out of service this could potentially interfere with your games and interrupt or cause breaks in them.

The Ladbrokes mobile casino is subject to the same pros and cons listed here. Hopefully this helps you make a decision of whether or not to try it.

Which Countries are Restricted at Ladbrokes?

Players from the USA are not able to play at Ladbrokes due to complex laws and restrictions which have been introduced by the US government to clamp down on online gambling.

Players from some other countries will not be able to enjoy gaming at Ladbrokes due to the laws in place in their own countries. For a full and up to date list, which is always evolving and changing, talk to a Ladbrokes live chat operator or ask by e-mail.

Some promotions do restrict certain countries too. To check if you’re eligible to collect no deposit free bets promotions, check with a customer service representative.

What Payment Methods Does Ladbrokes Accept?

Ladbrokes accept a wide range of payment methods. What you need to be aware of is that not all payment methods serve as withdrawal methods.

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, debit card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Western Union, GiroPay , Ukash and a range of other payment methods, all of which are listed on the Ladbrokes site.

  1. You can withdraw by bank transfer, visa, Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill.
  2. Payment processing times vary depending on which you use. A general guide for getting your hands on your winnings is as follows:
  3. If you withdraw to an e-wallet, you can expect your winnings instantly.
  4. If you withdraw via bank transfer, this can take 3-5 days.
  5. If you withdraw by credit card, this can take 3-5 working days.
  6. There can be a pending time of 6-24 hours on any payment method.
  7. Cheques are no longer offered as a payment method.
  8. Ladbrokes have a withdrawal limit of £250,000 per day. This is massive and you’ll only be affected by it if you win life-changing amount of money. Some casinos offer withdrawal limits as low as £10,000 per month, so Ladbrokes are head and shoulders above many of their competitors here.

Using E-Wallets: With the explosion of commerce of all kinds on the web, e-wallets have become an increasingly popular way to pay and receive money online. Using e-wallets at online casinos have several advantages, and should be considered for these reasons. Faster payout times, an extra layer of security since you don’t have to share card or bank details with a casino, and one central location to monitor your cash flow for all transactions are some of the advantages using e-wallets present. PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers, Skrill and Ukash are all popular e-wallets in use today.

Whatever payment method you use, don’t forget to use the bonus code BEXPERT11 to claim your free bet no deposit 2018.


What are the Casino Rules at Ladbrokes?

It may seem strange to talk about casino rules when assessing an online casino. After all, it’s not like an online casino can enforce a dress code policy! That said, there are still some rules and players must follow them. If you violate these you could end up with your account suspended or frozen, and could potentially get yourself banned completely.

  1. Age Limits – You need to be 18 and above to play at Ladbrokes. You’ll be asked to give your date of birth during the new player account creation and Ladbrokes do randomly spot check accounts. If they check you, they may ask for a photo ID with your name and date of birth on it.
  2. Location Restrictions – Some players are unable to access Ladbrokes to to their location, meaning the country they are in. We’ve provided a full list of restricted countries earlier in this guide, so check it out if you want to know if your country is on it. Some people attempt to bypass these restrictions using IP spoofers and other masking tools. This is a bad idea and if Ladbrokes catch you in the act you could end up getting your account, along with the balance, suspended until you can clear things up.
  3. Bonus Terms – All bonuses and promotions at Ladbrokes come with strict terms and conditions. Certain types of behaviour will get you permanently banned if you you try to take advantage of these offers. For example, you can’t simply sign up and attempt to withdraw the bonus money.

You also can’t sign up for multiple accounts using fake details. Casinos online wouldn’t last very long if they let players get away with this, so attempting to abuse the bonus offers isn’t a good idea. Remember, they’ve seen it all before and they will spot any strange patterns in a heartbeat. Also remember wagering requirements and time limits that come with bonuses.

If you try to claim your free bet no deposit 2018 more than once or withdraw it instantly you could be violating the terms and conditions of play.

What Game Software Does Ladbrokes Use?

Ladbrokes use Playtech, which is an award winning, top-notch casino software provider. You couldn’t find better if you tried, and Playtech is considered one of the three ‘heavyweights’ along with NetEnt and Microgaming.

One of the added advantages of a Playtech casino is the range of popular slots titles they have released over the years. Some of the best-loved classics and the more modern Marvel slots are created by Playtech and are available at Ladbrokes.

Is Ladbrokes a Safe & Secure Casino to Use?

This is naturally a huge concern for new players who are hesitant to give their details to any website, and rightly so!

Ladbrokes have very tight security, running 128-bit SSL encryption across the board. This would take an extremely advanced team of hackers to penetrate, and Ladbrokes have a team working round the clock to prevent intrusions and keep your details safe.

There’s always a small element of risk when using any website requiring you to share your financial details. There’s just no way to create a 100% safe environment as long as there are people with bad intentions online.

It’s really a case of asking yourself how probable such an event is. Could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? It’s highly unlikely.

In a nutshell, the Ladbrokes casino is as safe as a casino can be. You won’t be any safer playing somewhere else and there’s no reason to reject this casino on the basis of safety and security. It’s top notch.

Does Ladbrokes Offer Sports Betting?

One of the more interesting elements of the Ladbrokes website is how comprehensive it is. There’s literally something for everyone and every type of player. In fact, Ladbrokes was first a betting shop, and later an online casino, and so sports betting is a prominent feature of the site.

Ladbrokes sports betting section offers all kinds of bets from standard match results with fixed odds to in-game proposition betting such as ‘Who will score the next goal?”, ‘What will the final score be?’ and plenty of other bet options.

There are a wide range of sports, games and events which can be bet on including football, rugby, golf, cricket, tennis, darts, and of course all the major sporting events throughout the year from the FA Cup to the Grand National to Wimbledon. In fact, there are often special promotions running surrounding these events which players can take advantage of.

To get to the Ladbrokes sports betting section of the site navigate to the top of the page and click ‘Sports’. You’ll then see several further options on the sports page itself allowing you to browse all sports A-Z, focus on a specific sport, take a look at the current and ongoing promotions, and check out the live/in-play round the clock updates. This last feature is very neat and allows you to keep track in real-time of the sporting events you’ve placed bets on in the event you aren’t able to watch them live.

The Ladbrokes sports betting section is very good. Some may find the gray and white menu and navigation bars a little dull, but this is a minor detail in an otherwise superb sports betting portal.

Note: This bonus code and offer of a free bet no deposit 2018 should be used in the Ladbrokes casino.

Betting Tips/Strategies – Sports & Games

Every gambler has his or her own preferred betting strategy. Over time, you will develop methods for ensuring you get the best odds possible and walk away with as much cash as you can. It’s important to remember that no matter what strategy you use, betting is still betting and there’s always an element of risk or chance involved.

You should bet for fun first and profits second. That said, using the strategies outlined below there are ways to consistently make money betting on sports and casino games online.

It’s all about closing the gap on the house edge and ever so gradually edging the odds as close to your favour as they can get. Let’s take a look at some well-known betting strategies one by one.

  1. The Black Swan StrategyThe black swan is a rare creature who many people refused to believe existed before they saw it with their own eyes. It was first discovered by early Australian explorers who sent word back to Britain describing it. What they weren’t expecting was that they would be disbelieved and scoffed at by the public.
    The point is, the black swan does in fact exist, even though it is rare. In betting, it is a freak event which happens only once in a while, but does nonetheless occur eventually.
    Betting using the black swan strategy is a legitimate betting strategy you can use at Ladbrokes. Here’s an example of how it would work in practice:
    Jack browses the football fixtures for this Saturday and sees several underdogs playing against big, dominant teams. He knows it’s highly unlikely any of these little teams will win, and the odds reflect that. Some of them are paying out as much as 25/1 for an underdog victory.
    Jack believes in the black swan, because he has seen it happen before. This is football, after all, and absolutely anything can happen on any given day. That’s the beauty of the game!
    Jack decides to place small £10 bets on 5 underdog matches against the big teams. He only needs one of them to win and his gains will far outweigh his losses.
    Jack may consistently lose small amount of money, week after week, but as the black swan events inevitably occur his gains should stack up and cancel out the small, frequent losses quickly. Eventually, the gains should outweigh the losses.
    If you work the odds, 1 win could outweigh 10 losses using this strategy. There’s always an element of luck involved and there are never any guarantees, but everyone knows that underdog teams do pull out all the stops and shock everyone at least a few times per season. Just look at Leicester City clenching the Premier League last year for example. Punters betting on a black swan event made a fortune on that one!
    The black swan betting strategy can be used across a broad range of betting types. It can be used in casino gambling and even financial betting. Figure out what rare events may happen and consistently place small bets on them occurring if you want to try this betting strategy.
  2. The All or Nothing Strategy
    This betting strategy is risky, but if you go on a ‘run’ it can lead to some remarkable gains, very quickly.
    The all or nothing strategy can be used in sports betting as well as online casinos. The idea is to go ‘all in’ and bet your entire capital on one event with favourable odds. You are definitely giving the house the edge here, but if lady luck has you in her sights, you can make the house pay dearly by daring to challenge them on their own turf.
    An example of the all or nothing strategy would be taking your entire deposit and getting it on red or black at the roulette table. If you win, you double your money. If you lose, you walk away and come back to play another day.
    Another example would be betting your entire deposit on an outcome with 2/1 odds or above in a sporting event.
    All or nothing requires courage and the willingness to lose everything you have to play with on a single roll of the dice. If things go in your favour, however, you could double your money in seconds. If you go on a roll you could walk away 500% or more up in minutes.
  3.  Hedging Your Bets
    Hedging your bets is a strategy you can use in some instances to give yourself a very good chance of either winning or breaking even. The idea is to place a bet on two outcomes but hope that the outcome with the best odds prevails.
    For example, Jack is going to watch the next major UFC event. He’s looking forward to watching Conor McGreggor fight Jose Aldo, and he’s noticed that the odds allow him to hedge his bet.
    McGreggor is the 3/1 favourite, so Jack places a 10 bet on a McGreggor victory. Aldo is 5/2, so Jack places a 4 bet on an Aldo win.
    If McGregor wins, Jack comes out 30 up. If Aldo wins, Jack wins back the 10 he lost betting on McGreggor. This is a classic hedge bet.
    A draw may happen, of course, but Jack knows from experience that draws in the fight game are rare. He’s willing to accept this small risk as a highly unlikely outcome that could upset his plan but probably will not.
    It may take some research to find fixtures, matches or fights with odds which allow you to utilize this strategy. If you can’t find them at the same sports betting website, look around the web and see if you can place a hedge bet on another account.
  4. The Ride the Streak Strategy
    Any veteran sports fan or casino gambler will tell you that there’s such a thing as a ‘performance streak’ or a ‘lucky streak’. In sports this is called being ‘on form’. Knowing when a team or sportsperson is on form is key to knowing when to place your bets.
    Reading free bets tips can tell you when a team or athlete is on form and usually these tips are accompanied by previous results allowing you to see for yourself how the performance record looks.
    Riding a winning streak doesn’t require any complex calculations or original thought. It’s simply taking advantage of a natural phenomenon which nobody can explain but which avid sports fans and gamblers are 100% certain exists.
    Streaks can continue for a few games or matches or they can last for much longer. Betting on a team or athlete on a winning streak allows you to ride the wave of momentum they are on and profit from it.
    Equally important to the ride the streak strategy is knowing when a streak has come too an end. Whether you’re on a roll at the roulette table or are on a ten game win streak while betting on Manchester United fixtures, as soon as that first loss comes the streak is over and it’s time to walk away.
    The ride the streak strategy is simple yet effective. Try it for yourself and see. Some punters literally watch for streaks exclusively and jump on them as soon as they spot them.

Ladbrokes Casino Summary

Overall, Ladbrokes casino is one of the better online casinos operating today.

When you consider the sheer brand power alone, Ladbrokes already has the advantage of being one of the best-known brands in Britain, therefore a certain level of trust is already established. A company this size and this well-known couldn’t get away with anything untoward or they would be crucified in the media. Therefore, players can trust that they’ll be treated fairly and in a professional manner at Ladbrokes.

The website itself is very well designed and free of bugs. The user experience has been planned out in every little detail, and when it all comes together it makes for a hassle-free, enjoyable experience that works well on all devices.

The bonuses and promotions at this casino are also generous and fair. You won’t see unrealistic marketing ploys like ‘Welcome bonus of £2000 with more tricks than a wizards sleeve in the terms and conditions. It’s simple and easy to understand – deposit £500 and it will be matched, but you have to bet it x20 before you can withdraw it. Ladbrokes have also gone for the subtle surprise aimed at over-delivering, with a second and third deposit bonus not heavily advertised. This will please bonus hunters.

The game selection at Ladbrokes is enough to keep most players entertained. There’s something for everyone from baccarat to bingo and everything in between. Players with a specific title from another game provider in mind, for example NetEnt, might be disappointed to find it isn’t available here, but all casinos have their limits and no single casino offers every game under the sun. The quality of games is superior and the selection good.

As far as customer service goes Ladbrokes goes over and above. True, there is always room for improvement and that’s the case here, but offering many different way to get in touch to suit players own preferences and having a 24/7 operation running to service queries makes life a lot easier when it comes to asking questions or raising disputes.

As far as mobile casinos go, Ladbrokes have done OK. The casino is compact and doesn’t clog up memory and offers a very good range of games. It would be nice to see live games included in the future and this is something for the Ladbrokes mobile team to work on.

As an overall experience our time playing at Ladbrokes was very enjoyable. We took advantage of the £11 free bet no deposit 2018 and played a few table games and slots. True, we didn’t win on this occasion, but it was fun and we give Ladbrokes a thumbs up.

Our final analysis is if you’re looking for a reliable, hassle-free online casino that offers a little bit of everything, Ladbrokes is a great place to play.

Online Casino Glossary

If there are any terms or industry slang you don’t quite grasp, this handy glossary will help you understand exactly what each term means. These terms aren’t limited to Ladbrokes casino, but are used industry wide.

Bonus – An offer, usually monetary in nature, which a casino makes to both new and existing players. This could be free money to play with, free spins or points which can be converted to cash later.

Dealer – The person/program distributing the cards, rolling the dice, and facilitating game play. Sometimes you play against the dealer, while other times the dealer facilitates game play between players.

E-Wallets – A popular method of payment online, e-wallets such as PayPal allow you to share your payment details with only one place. You can then use these wallets to deposit and withdraw money. Ladbrokes accept them, but not all casinos do.

Exclusion – If you feel you’re gambling hobby is getting out of control and you want to opt-out of being able to gamble, exclusion is an option. Once this is done it is typically irreversible.

Free Bets Offers – A specific promotion where a casino allows you to play for free to try their games.

High-Roller – A player who wants to bet a large amount of money.

House Edge – Every game has a house edge, meaning the advantage the casino has over the player. This is typically expressed as a percentage.

Live Games – These are video-fed games with real world dealers on the other end of the camera. It’s like being transported via video feed to an actual casino.

Login – The areas of a website where you enter your unique user name and password to access your player account.

Minimum Bet – The minimum amount you can bet on a given game.

Maximum Bet – the maximum amount you can get on a given game.

Payout Time – The amount of time it takes for a casino to release your winnings. This will vary depending on payout method.

RTP – Used to describe the Return to Players on slots games. Typically expressed as a percentage.

Tables – Digital versions of casino game tables. These could be for card games, roulette, craps and any other game involving a table in the real world.


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