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If you’re new to the bookmaking world and finding it slightly infuriating, there is no reason to give up on your dreams of having a sports betting career. Below are some of the famous sports bettors in the industry that have strived and managed to make their career successful. They have accomplished every sports bettor’s dream. Their techniques range from luck to statistical evaluation and even computer aide – but nevertheless, they have all worked in their own ways. If you find that you’re lacking inspiration and are wondering how you can possibly continue, read on for some inspiring and impressive stories of some of the most famous sports bettors today.

Beginning of the Famous Sports Bettors

You may have heard of the giant, famous sports bettor Haralabos Voulgaris. He has made his money predominantly in the US but continues to be huge across the globe. He lives the life of a multi-millionaire in the way which many of us wish was possible for us. His story is one predominantly of success, but he also had some struggles at which point he decided to use a computer program to aide his betting.

Voulgaris’ parents immigrated from Argos, Tripoli to Canada, in the 1920s. He grew up here and became a tall, confident man. At just eighteen years old, he took a gap year where he headed to Greece, to visit where his parents were from. It is thought that his gambling career began as early as this. He and his father visited Las Vegas, where they lived for almost two months in Caesars Palace. Voulgaris’ father was also an avid gambler who had made millions through his Greek restaurant and entrepreneurial developments.
Although Voulgaris was too young to bet during these Las Vegas months, he spent a lot of his time in the Caesars’ sportsbook because he was unable to join his father on the casino floor. In this time, Voulgaris watched a lot of NBA. While doing this he was paying ver close attention to the play and adjustments, taking notes on everything which stood out. This time left a large impression on Voulgaris, who began betting small amounts of money on the NBA and CFL by the time he was in university. Voulgaris went to University of Manitoba and during this time, along with his brother, he was already paying his parents’ rent. From here, his success only increased.

How Voulgaris Became a Famous Sports Bettor


Before Voulgaris was 30-years-old, he had managed to win a fortune. He began betting in the late 1990s, spending his time and money on NBA games. Amazingly, at one point he believed his mean of winning was 70 percent. With this money and luck, he was betting one million dollars every day, as well as living his dreams and travelling the world.
Voulgaris is also a poker enthusiast and has won over $1,900,000 in live tournament earnings. He participated in the 2012 WSOP One Drop event.
His success came down to the fact that he became a specialist in the NBA through studying the teams and watching hundreds of hours of basketball. By noticing a trend in how bookmakers set their halftime totals, he was able to manipulate his bets to his advantage. He had found a loophole which bookmakers overlooked, he worked with this for many years and played on both sides of the halftime totals.
He managed to make millions from simple observations such as game-management from three of the head coaches at the time. The only thing he wishes he had done was to simply bet harder and spend more money.
However, his luck run out and Voulgaris found that the bookmakers soon caught on. The bookmakers worked out exactly how he was winning and changed the way they worked forever. This meant there were no more halftime totals and Voulgaris was playing a very different game. He began to lose and within a short amount of time, a third of his bankroll was gone. Because of this, he decided his best bet was to take some time off before coming back with a completely different way of approaching the game. By deciding this, he realised he needed a machine to help him out, rather than just his own brain.
The majority of Voulgaris’ money came from two huge wins. These were in 1999 and 2000. Because of these bets he managed to change his savings from $80,000 to over one million. He was a subjective bettor throughout his career up until he lost his edge. It was during this disastrous period that he decided to increase his betting frequency. He also decided to decrease the sums of money he was betting. This meant he required projecting a score for every single game in an NBA season. However, one human is unlikely to be able to manage this, so Voulgaris turned to a computer program to help.

Voulgaris’ Predictive Computer Software

During this time, NBA had recently made every match information available. Although this information had no real value, it provided a large sample of data for Voulgaris to use. He turned to a specialist to help him create the perfect software. This resulted in two years of work and six different tryouts. In the end, Voulgaris enlisted the help of a maths prodigy – a preteen who had won many maths contests. This prodigy was soon made his partner. Together they decided to create a program which would simulate a game of basketball between two teams and create a projected score. This took a lot of data and work but after two years, their first model, version 1.0. Voulgaris was created. This was called Ewing.

In summer 2007, Ewing was put to the test. It used information and acutely tested this to reveal how the system would operate in future. The important factor which Ewing rested on was finding information which was more predictive than others. For the first time, Ewing was put to the test at the end of the 2008 season, but Voulgaris was not yet a complete believer.
Version 2.0 of Erwing was brought to the world in 2009, with the help of some secret additional modelling. Based on he scores which the machine produced, Voulgaris began making bets. With wins throughout the season, Voulgaris’ faith in the machine began to increase. He also upped his wagering.
However, Voulgaris soon found that his ambitions were changing and in 2010, he began speaking to the press and gave up a huge yearly income in order to sign a contract during the 2009-10 season with one of the co-owners of an NBA franchise. His job here was to consult on matters of roster assembly and player acquisition. He worked for five months in this job, working for the NBA franchise. His role was to advise his co-owner client on several trades.

At the end of his contract’s term, he decided that it was time to leave NBA and go back into the world of gambling where he could make real money once again. Voulgaris began splitting his time between North America and the rest of the world. He began spending his time watching as many games as possible and starting betting again using Ewing. The machine would provide a projected score as well as numbers which represented its level of confidence. However, Voulgaris now finds that year after year, his margins appear deteriorating. This means he must increase his betting number and tweak Ewing constantly.
However, Voulgaris is still positive for the future. He hopes that at some point, sports gambling will be legalized throughout the US. This would bring more money into the game and hugely increase the liquidity in the market. He compares himself to British gambler, Tony Bloom, who won enough money to acquire Brighton FC…

The Betting Career Of Tony Bloom

British Tony Bloom is a legend with his sports betting career. It was a predictive soccer model which won him enough money to buy the recently promoted Brighton FC. He is someone who’s name is associated with billions of pounds, but he also runs a charity with his wife and is known to be a very family-oriented man. The famous sports bettor realises that despite the millions he owns, the important things in life are his son and wife.

Bloom’s Company – Starlizard
Tony Bloom won his nickname as “The Lizard” for being cold-blooded with his decision making while playing poker. He is a veteran gambler and he now owns Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. He made his money through setting up an online bookmaker and different poker websites. This was in the 2000s and now his net worth is estimated to be billions.
Bloom decided to set up Starlizard in order to run his sports activities. Bloom set up Starlizard to run his sports activities, bringing London’s finest to Asian bookmakers. The company is one which describes itself as a betting consultancy. The way it works is by taking complex statistical models and then generating football odds. These odds are sharper than the ones offered by professional bookmakers, which brings punters into Starlizard. These odds are sold to Starlizard’s clients in order to help them – but it does not actually take any bets. The company is shrouded in secrecy as it is one of the most successful professional gambling syndicates in the entire world. If the models don’t predict the right goals, people lose hundreds and thousands. The company places hundreds of millions worth of bets each year for different clients – predominantly of football.
Starlizard workers are invited to share in Bloom’s winnings, but they are also forced to sign a very strict nondisclosure as soon as they begin working for the company. So you are very likely to find that there is little information about this man and his life. Both Bloom and his employees are very unlikely to engage with the press, avoiding them helps create a shroud of secrecy around his business. However, this may also be because of his family too.


Personal Life
Bloom is described as a very private family man. He lives with his Australian-born wife, Linda, a psychologist and their 7-year-old son. They spend time in homes both in Australia and London. His wife also runs the charity Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis – she was found to have MS 15 years ago. The couple are trustees of the Bloom Foundation.
He was born in 1970 and grew up in Brighton, England. It may not come as a much of a surprise that Tony Bloom had a thirst for gambling when he was young. By going down to the arcades in his home town in Brighton, he would play fruit machines with his friends for hours. However, he has become one of the most successful sports bettors of his entire generation.
His education was at a £23,000-a-year private school, called Lancing College. The school is surrounded by fields but is a half-hour drive from Brighton and Bloom used fake ID to begin betting at just 15 years old in the betting shops in town. The legal age to bet in England is 18.
After finishing at Lancing College, Bloom went to Manchester University in order to study mathematics. He continue his sports betting here and described himself as a hopeless gambler. After his university education was over, he moved on to work at an accountancy firm called Ernst and Young. Of course, he also continued betting here too and was bringing in £20,000 from bets. He left the company in 1993 and entered the city as a trader.
He worked for just six months as a trader before deciding this wasn’t for him and that he should become a professional gambler. He chose to begin betting on football and cricket. As all professional sports bettors find, there were many ups and downs and at one time he lost £5,000 on the test match between England and West Indies in 1994.
However, this loss didn’t put Bloom off and he found that he was winning more often than losing. This skill and success meant he attracted the attention of bookmaker Victor Chandler. In the 1990s he approached Bloom to set up an international betting operation. This was the job which introduced Bloom to the market in Asia – the market which would make him millions.

Famous Sports Bettor’s Football Club


In 2009, he was able to take over his favourite football club, Brighton and Hove Albion FC. At the age of just 39, Bloom spent £80 million on the club. With a net worth of what is expected to be in the billions at this point, he had the means to make huge improvements to the club.

Bloom is said to have pumped millions into the football club. This money subsequently helped Brighton win promotion to the Championship. As always, they have been vying for promotion to the Premier League throughout. Fans love him as he is utterly devoted to improving the club by spending as much money as necessary.

The Betting Career Of Matthew Benham


Matthew Benham is a British famous sports bettor who has made his money through using the technique of statistical evaluation. From his education at Oxford, he quickly found that he could begin making money from gambling, one of his passions. He now owns Brentford FC and is a popular man because of his decisions surrounding the club and its management.

Benham’s Passion – Brentford Football Club
Matthew Benham is the owner of Brentford and made his money from statistical evaluation, putting up to £90million into Brentford and becoming a famous sports bettor. This famous bettor adopted a different technique to both Voulgaris and Bloom for his sportsbetting career as he as able to use statistical evaluation to make his fortune from gambling. He believes football can be dealt with in a similar statistical manner.
Benham is 52 years old and has been working with Brentford FC for four years. He began as the club’s sporting director but was soon the first team coach. He is a popular man as he managed to guide the team into the second tier of English football. He has done this for the past 21 years.
Benham was a lifelong fan of Brentford and attended his first game at just 11 years old against Colchester in 1979. He does not work in the same way as a stereotypical football club owner as he does not use the side’s finances for his own benefit. Rather, he is hugely invested in improving the team and making the best decisions for the players.
He even bailed out the club when they had a £500,000 debt, revealing himself as the mystery investor who saved the team. He has now pumped over £90 million into the team and even the infrastructure of Brentford. For this reason, he is seen as a fantastic owner who is completely committed working on the club, rather than simply making whimsical decisions which do not benefit anyone. He became the owner in 2012 and after eight years of decision making, Benham bought the land required for a new stadium. This stadium can hold up to 20,000 people and was due to open for the upcoming season.
Benham has also placed an emphasis on scouting individuals who are well-rounded rather than simply footballers with only one passion in life. He completely redesigned the youth academy and scouting network to achieve this goal, which is a notable accomplishment in the football world. The way this works is that every week, at the training ground, a player’s individual skill in tight spaces is developed by playing futsal. Talented coaches are rotated between age groups which also avoids favouritism and there is now also a partnership with Uxbridge high school. This is to that boys also have an academic life before they enter the world of football completely.
Benham is a professional gambler who has made himself a huge name with his sportsbetting career. However, he also has a great education himself. He studied at Oxford and later founded his own betting company. He was hugely successful as a professional gambler and had a huge amount of knowledge on the subject, incorporating statistical evaluation to ensure he wasn’t making any risky bets. Due to this calculated way of betting, he does not make any instant decisions without first evaluating exactly what is best for both him and the company. He uses scouts in order to further improve his football team and counts how many goals his players score, along with information scouted by his team and analysed closely. It is extremely important to him that his players hit key performance indicators. And he even believes this is what is more important in the game than the results to determine the fate of the club.
However, it is this idea which often conflicts with the football world’s belief that it is the results that are most important in the business. But Benham knows what he is doing and has even previously said that the end result is not the main barometer of performance. He has now decided to move a very successful manager on as he conflicted with Benham’s beliefs on how best to measure performance. The move appears to be extremely controversial to many fans, from sports betting forums to local pubs, people have been debating this change. It seems that only time will tell how Benham’s decision turns out. However, as one of the most famous sports bettors around, he shouldn’t have any problem if everything goes wrong.


Hopefully each of these three famous sports bettors will inspire you to begin your own sportsbetting career as it just proves that there is a huge possibility you may be able to win big and live your dreams. Check out some of the sports betting sites and you may find that soon you’re playing hundreds of sports betting online games and winning sums of money. These famous sports bettors may be outliers with their huge winnings, but anything is possible!